’Living the Life’ is the show that gives you unprecedented access to a conversation between two successful personalities. It is a unique concept and a twist on the usual interviewer/celebrity interviewee chat shows as there is no interviewer.These high profile individuals share their life experiences, how emotional experiences from their childhood, their early career, the onset of success and their subsequent journey through wealth and fame has shaped their lives, and they discuss their achievements and the effects of living life in the public eye. We build a picture of the events, hard work, traumas and good fortune which have brought them to public prominence and they give an honest and revealing exposure about how success has affected the highs and lows of their lives.

‘Living The Life’ is our first collaboration with BackDoor Productions. Composer Ram Khatabakhsh worked closely with Director Jules Williams & Producer Rosemary Reed in short time to create original and upbeat music. ‘Living The Life’ aired on Sky Arts channel and will be released on DVD by Tesco.

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