‘The Adored’ is our second collaboration with director Carl Medland and Amarjeet Singh. We work closely with director(s) to create a score that reflects the dark and phycological feel of this film. This film was premiered at Iris Film Festival 2011 in Cardiff.

At a turbulent time in her life, ex-model Maia Summer arrives at a secluded retreat in the heart of North Wales to rejuvenate her ailing career. Francesca Allman is the established, sexually ambivalent photographer whose elaborate work history she is relying on to make this happen. However, in the seclusion of the idyllic setting, the complexities of their individual lives combine their heightened emotions to create a chemistry that grows stronger with every passing hour. A complicated story of love, desire and seduction takes a dangerous turn as each of the lovers seeks the resolution to their own personal desires, posing the question – when you continue to lose the things that you love, how do you keep your mind?

The Adored

Director(s): Carl Medland & Amarjeet Singh
Feature film

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