“To say that it was a privilege to work with Ram is an understatement. I was touched with the amount of energy and enthusiasm that he carried throughout the scoring process. He poured his heart and soul into my short film and it shows on screen. Ram has a firm understanding of how to tell story and the role that music plays in connecting the audience with the themes and characters. He also has a warm and fun personality, which made it such a pleasure to collaborate with him everyday. I’d work with him again in a heart beat!”

Kari Barber, Director

The Fifth Horseman

Director: Kari Barber

Short Film- 32 min.

The Fifth Horseman is a coming of age tale of a Japanese medic who befriends an American pilot prisoner and chooses to rise up against what he knows to be wrong; the medical experimentation of prisoners of war.

The story follows Keiji, a young Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) medic assigned to the infamous Unit 731′s medical experimentation facility commanded by his father. Keiji has always believed Unit 731′s work is wrong, but as a failed medical student he has become so consumed by his desire to earn his father’s respect that nothing else matters. Everything changes with the arrival of a captured American pilot, whom Keiji soon befriends. Inspired by his new friend’s courage, Keiji throws off the shackles of tradition to rise up against his father and bring Unit 731 to its knees.

Composer Ram Khatabakhsh worked single handedly and wrote the music for the entire orchestra. He also orchestrate the music, notate the dots for musicians and conducted the 45 piece orchestra. The film’s final mix took place at Skywalker Ranch in San Francisco.