“Working with Ram is an absolute pleasure, he has what seems to be an infinite amount of creativity, he’s incredibly hard working and has a very knowledgeable approach to the workflow of getting your score delivered to its next destination in the post workflow. He’s also a fun guy to be around which helps when you’re working in close quarters for extended periods of time.”
Peter Harris, Director

Who We Are

Director: Peter Harris

Feature Film / Drama.

Two teens from a small country town fall madly in love, the kind of love you only have with your first. When Kate discovers she is pregnant, Toby swears to stand by her. In a nearby urban seaside town, Kelly falls for Kieran, despite his reputation. When she discovers he has been cheating on her, she explodes in violence, lashing out at the nearest target: Kate.

After a badly injured Kate loses their baby, Toby grows frustrated with the police’s failure to find her attacker, and decides to take matters into his own hands. But he only succeeds in taking a beating from Kieran. Meanwhile, Kelly has disappeared. Full of anger and self-loathing she teeters on the brink of the ultimate act of self-destruction, but salvation comes in the unlikely form of Chris an artistic soul who has broken away from the mean streets of London.

For a while, it seems that Kelly, too, might escape her violent past and find a new life with Chris. But this past is always inside her, growing daily as her own pregnancy progresses. When Toby and Kate discover where Kelly has been hiding they decide to confront her about the part she played in the death of their child. This time, Toby comes prepared for violence. But when they finally meet, nobody is prepared for what happens next…